The Air Augsburg GmbH is a young enterprise company operating from selected locations in southern Germany. Our customers often have little time and ambitious goals, and we offer tailored concepts to help them achieve these goals, on time but above all safely. Our team already has many years of experience in both civil and military aviation, and offers a first class service in the areas of business aviation, airplane charter and rental.

Furthermore, we will provide convenient and effective time saving individual concepts for your journeys. Are you considering buying your own aircraft but not sure which? Maybe you already have your own aircraft and require professional management or experienced crews to operate it? Perhaps you are considering putting your travel planning and management into professional hands?

This is where the service of the Air Augsburg GmbH begins.

Responsibly considering the world after tomorrow, we understand that climate neutral aviation already plays an important role. Therefore, we aim to be a pioneer in this sector and to set the standards in both climate protection and climate neutral aviation.

We are flying climate neutral:

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